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Download Remix Kits

Download multi-track AIFF/WAV files and re-imagine the song in any music software. When you’re done, send us an MP3 and let us know if we can post it on our website for all our fans to hear! Enjoy, have fun, and get spicy!
Listen to Remixes

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MP2A Little Different | 102bpm 123MB | Download

Ming & PingAfter the End | 138bpm 460MB | Download

Causeway ArmyBeautiful Things | 133 bpm 401MB | Download

The Darkness of NightChinatown ft. Mariqueen Maandig Reznor | 115bpm 208MB | Download

The Darkness of NightCity of Angels | 125bpm 210MB | Download

The Darkness of NightThe Darkness of Night | 110bpm 44MB | Download

MP2Delete | 150 bpm 287MB | Download

Causeway ArmyDream of Pop | 135bpm 279MB | Download

Causeway ArmyElectricity | 155bpm 240MB | Download

The Darkness of NightLast Night’s Lights | 130bpm 184MB | Download