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New Release: innerspace

Ming & Ping innerspace album art showing the twins hovering in a space capsule

Join Ming & Ping on a 16-minute synthwave journey through innerspace. This mini-album captures the celebratory, nostalgic, melancholy, and spicy aspects of Ming & Ping’s evolution since their debut in 2004.

Download on our shop or Bandcamp starting March 4. Stream anywhere you stream music starting March 14. :)

New Release: Los Angeles November 2019

Album art for Ming & Ping's Los Angeles November 2019

Ming & Ping’s Los Angeles November 2019 was written as a tribute to the retro-future themes of Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner, the release explores topics such as humanity, identity, and reality. The 3-song EP is designed to be listened to continuously, taking listeners on a journey of death, birth, life, and death again.

Listen here.