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“The Most Beautiful” Lyrics Video Now on YouTube

Contributors to our fundraiser just got an advance download of our song “The Most Beautiful” today. For those who haven’t contributed or pre-ordered on iTunes, you can enjoy this most beautiful lyrics video of the song on YouTube now. We know you’ll be playing it on repeat all weekend. :)

Thanks for being our most beautiful. <3

Preview All Tracks from “The Light of Day / The Darkness of Night”

Now you can preview all songs from our new album The Light of Day / The Darkness of Night.

We’ve added a 13 minute video so you can hear clips from all songs on our upcoming album. We’re currently at 20% of our fundraising goal (THANK YOU!!!) with 3 weeks to go. We still need your help!

Please pre-order our album for as little as $10 or contribute any additional amount to receive some very spicy Thank You gifts from us. If you’ve already contributed, we’d really appreciate if you could share this link to our fundraiser:

Hear It

The Light of Day Music Video

This video was made in honor of Christopher MacKenzie and the firefighters of The Granite Mountain Hotshot crew, 19 of whom lost their lives while heroically battling the Yarnell Fire one year ago in June 2013.

In July 2013, a friend of Chris MacKenzie’s sent us an email to say that his best friend had been lost while fighting the fire and that they shared the music of Ming & Ping throughout their friendship. This so profoundly affected, inspired, and challenged all of us as creators and as human beings.

Having written The Darkness of Night EP and some demos from The Light of Day EP coming from a pretty dark place, we immediately decided to bring these songs back to the drawing board. Ming & Ping’s The Light of Day will be released this October 21 with a focus that can be summed up with a couple lines from track 2 “The Light,”

You’ll never find peace without unrest
And you won’t see the light without darkness

Sometimes we forget “the meaning of light.” Art helps us remember. We hope you enjoy the music. We’ll make this song available for free once the album is out. Please add yourself to our mailing list to get announcements of the new music.

Thank you for 10+ years of spice.
Bao, Ming, and Ping